Pubdate: Sat,  7 Dec 2002
Source: Traverse City Record-Eagle (MI)
Copyright: 2002 The Traverse City Record-Eagle
Author: Rev. Steven B. Thompson


Judge Gilbert has nothing to be ashamed of. 

Today I listened with disgust to Channels 7&4 and 9&10 tell the big news
about the judge smoking a marijuana cigarette at a Rolling Stones concert in
Detroit. They told how ashamed he was and how he was getting treatment for
his substance abuse problem. They interviewed Judge Haley, who said that
people's faith in the justice system had been shaken by this. What a bunch
of crap!

If Judge Gilbert was true to his convictions, and not afraid of losing his
position, he probably would have said that yes, he smoked it and it was
good, and the only thing bad about it was the law against it. He's ashamed
because he got caught and he's getting treatment, probably because he's
being forced to. Substance abuse - pull-lease.

To Judge Haley, I'm a "people." A judge smoking a joint does not shake my
faith in the justice system, but makes me mad if he's being hard on pot
smokers coming before him. What does shake my faith is guys like O.J.
getting away with murder because he has lots of money; or how about
innocent, law-abiding citizens' lives being destroyed and their possessions
taken away because they choose to grow or smoke pot? They're here, they're
high, get used to it.

If every marijuana smoker in the U.S. came out of their closets and sent
just $1 to NORML, how quickly then do you think we would end marijuana
prohibition? Come on; Judge Gilbert should take a stand for what he knows in
his heart is right!

The Rev. Steven B. Thompson


Steven Thompson is director, Benzie County NORML
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