Pubdate: Sat,  7 Dec 2002
Source: Traverse City Record-Eagle (MI)
Copyright: 2002 The Traverse City Record-Eagle
Author: Robert Allen


What is that smell? Wafting from the doobie-scented, lip-flapping, nefarious
stone-rolling nether regions to the south, it offends our sensibilities and
good sense here in the snowy-white north. Could it be a whiff of mendacity?
The stink of hypocrisy? You bet.

Do we want judgment without fairness? Righteousness without rightness?
Apparently so. Otherwise, let all who signed the bar association's full-page
letter now print their sworn affidavits that they've never broken any of the
sacred codes while serving their high duties. And you too, good editors, put
your bona fides out for all to see.

This is not about letting anything fishy off a hook. Consequences will have
to be paid. This is about trying to see what truths may balance the other
side of the scale. Or is justice only blind in one eye?

I'm sure you sober and just editors will lift the blindfold a bit at a time
and spare no soy in revealing all. Perhaps you could trumpet the return of
the stock and flogging in the public square.

And you smirgling teens, whether dissing the dowdies or snarling for blood,
best remember one thing. This is what they do to one of their own. Imagine
what they would do to you.

Robert Allen

Traverse City
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