Pubdate: Sun,  8 Dec 2002
Source: Denver Post (CO)
Copyright: 2002 The Denver Post Corp
Author: Stan White


The prohibitionist in Gov. Bill Owens consistently refuses to accept the 
will of Colorado citizens, despite overwhelming bipartisan backing for 
credible drug-law reform. That must end. Owens should come out of the 
closet and recognize the will of the voters.

With credible drug-law reform, Colorado may not need new prisons. If 
cannabis were re-legalized and probationers and parolees were not sent to a 
cage upon failing a pee test for using cannabis instead of cigarettes or 
booze, there'd be more room for violent criminals without building a new 

In failing to support credible reform, doesn't Owens support over-use of 
the Colorado incarceration systems?

Does Owens the prohibitionist also then support compromising trust in 
police and government; financing terrorism beyond the conceptions of Al 
Capone to that of al-Qaeda; restricting farmers from growing hemp; 
diminished civil, human and constitutional rights; and disproportionate 
budget cuts for education, the environment and fighting serious crime?

Colorado voters, more and more, are not prohibitionists. Our state's role 
in the failed war on drugs is an embarrassment.


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