Pubdate: Fri, 13 Dec 2002
Source: Orlando Sentinel (FL)
Copyright: 2002 Orlando Sentinel
Author: Jack Schwartz


Because pornography, as well as the simulated sex presented by much of the 
entertainment industry, has permeated through every communications and 
visual outlet throughout this country, I believe it would now be fruitless 
even to attempt to squeeze the "genie of pornography" back into that bottle.

Therefore, instead of an intensified drive by the MBI against 
pornographers, I believe it would be more beneficial to society as a whole 
if law enforcement would concentrate on curtailing, if not eliminating, the 
criminal activities of drug traffickers, distributors and pushers.

However, I have become convinced that the use of proscribed narcotics 
should be decriminalized and addicts be treated medically instead of being 
arrested and jailed because of an addiction over which they may have no 

Addicted alcoholics and smokers are not incarcerated, except voluntarily, 
into treatment centers and/or hospitals. Why are drug users who have not 
committed any crimes except against themselves thrown into a jail or prison 
with real criminals? Yes, drug addicts are a burden on the nation's 
resources, but so are alcoholics and smokers.

Decriminalizing the use of controlled substances would essentially bankrupt 
all of the drug lords and their intermediates who profit from the 
life-destroying misery they heap upon susceptible human beings, mostly the 
young adults of any community.

Jack Schwartz

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