Pubdate: Mon, 23 Dec 2002
Source: Daily Press (VA)
Copyright: 2002 The Daily Press
Author: Melissa South


Reference the Dec. 15 articles that were written about the drug addicts and
their recovery.

I'm 19, come from a loving family and have no worries but my little bit of
bills and my college work to keep up with. I worry myself with life's small
things, and while reading the articles I realized what real problems are.
These people are amazing humans.

While reading, I fell into each person and their hurts and pains. I actually
understood what pain they were feeling.

Everyone needs to read this. I fell into Jennifer's heart and cried,
actually cried, as I read about the moment when she saw her girls and she
had to fight back the tears.

I found myself looking at Vernon's face in those pictures and knowing how
hard it was when that judge gave up on him. And the other two people were
even more overwhelming.

These people were taken over by drugs and they deserved a chance. I fell in
love with each person. They deserve everything for being so strong and

The judge also made me cry. He is a great man for helping them reach their
goals. This story was wonderful. I can't say it enough. I will save it for
my children to read someday.

Great job to all who worked to put this story together.

Melissa South 
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