Pubdate: Fri, 27 Dec 2002
Source: Traverse City Record-Eagle (MI)
Copyright: 2002 The Traverse City Record-Eagle
Author: Craig Oliver


I need help contacting Larry Flynt, who offered $1 million to persons who
would rat-out duplicitous Members of Congress, to invite him to Traverse
City to do likewise.

To blatantly insinuate, as has the local bar association, that there is but
one "aberration" in their midst who has "gone to the dark side" by imbibing
in cannabis, defies credulity.

The press release is self-serving, hypocritical, deceitful propaganda. A
calculated attempt to perpetrate a "big lie" on this community: "Only one
judge/lawyer need be sanctioned, as only one has consumed cannabis." 

The local "legal community" numbers about 300.

Claiming one of 300 yields 0.33 percent being "Drug Users." 

Facts reveal a different story.

1. Lawyers/judges have an overall combined rate of 25 percent addiction
and/or psychiatric impairment. (Lawyer Assistance Program).

2. One of the highest rates of illicit drug use by women involves the legal
professions, including lawyers (HHS).

3. Minimally, 94 million Americans, over 42 percent, have "used drugs"

4. Over 50 percent of high school students graduate having tried an illegal
drug. (NIDA, 2001). This rate is higher for college.

How audacious to imply local judges/lawyers are over 125 times less likely
to have "done drugs" than the general population!

Statistics discredit this prevarication.

Probability indicates dozens of "bar members" have "addiction" problems, and
scores have, at some time, violated the "code" by "doing drugs," mainly

Should Mr. Gilbert remain as judge? We know:

1. He may possess some kernel of honesty, apparently lacking in many of his

2. He knows the "truth" about cannabis, and we know he knows.

Should the local bar be purged? We know:

1. Many are self-serving, deceitful and duplicitous simply by publishing
their mendacious manifesto.

2. As such, they are not worthy of this community.

I look forward to contacting Mr. Flynt.

Craig Oliver

Traverse City
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