Pubdate: Fri, 27 Dec 2002
Source: Lethbridge Herald (CN AB)
Copyright: 2002 The Lethbridge Herald
Author:    Vanessa Rogers



In regards to the recent suggestions made by the Senate to legalize 
marijuana, I would like to say that I understand the frustrations of 
anti-druggists, such as people working for DARE and members of our muchly 
appreciated police force. I can only imagine the hopelessness they must 
feel. So many man hours and so much money spent fighting to keep controlled 
substances unavailable. I would also be insulted to be told that what I had 
believed for a lifetime was incorrect.

Potheads, spliff-rollers, marijuana smokers, doobie-junkies, call us what 
you will, but we are not monsters.

Rumours spread. They tell stories of marijuana being a 'gateway' drug, 
leading to the use of harder drugs. Rumours are not always facts. It is a 
conscious decision made by an individual to do a drug. You can not put the 
blame on marijuana just to make you feel better. You need to make the 
choice before entering a peer pressure situation.

Did you know that over 80 per cent of the Canadian population suffers from 
some sort of physical or mental health problem? Most mental health problems 
are caused by the imbalance of a natural chemical in the brain called 
serotonin. The THC found in marijuana can help balance these levels.

Last February the Canadian government sent out the first (very needed) 
batch of legal, medical marijuana. I believe the Senate would not suggest 
legalization unless they have found important evidence through many hours 
of research to support the suggestion.

I suggest that we continue to educate our children on the side-effects of 
hard drug use, but we must use facts to do so.

Although marijuana may someday soon be considered a miracle drug that cures 
many different ails, children need to be taught the side-effects some 
people experience, because they have no need or use for it. Some of these 
side-effects may include nausea, paranoia, increase in appetite and often 
people blame marijuana for their de-motivation. For those that experience 
this in everyday life marijuana may be the cure.

Once we rid our justice system of all those who deserve true justice, we 
can concentrate on the dangerous drugs and the violence that plagues our 

Without marijuana I personally cannot get out of bed, much less leave my 
house. I cannot eat, sleep, work, smile or think hopeful thoughts without 
marijuana in my life. I am thankful for marijuana and I will continue to 
fight for my right to choose.

I would like to challenge you to write your own letter of opinion to 
someone in authority.


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