Pubdate: Wed, 06 Feb 2002
Source: Terrace Standard (CN BC)
Copyright: 2002 Terrace Standard
Author: Bob Erb


Dear Sir:

Re: Through Bifocals - Jan. 2, 2002 - One Joint Could Ruin Your Life.

Claudette Sandecki tells of a 29-year-old returning to New Zealand,
being refused entry to a Hawaiian airport transit lounge because of a
minor hash oil conviction when he was 20. He was sent back to Canada
and lost his $2,100 ticket.

She tells of a second incident where a person lost a $1,200 vacation
due to a drug conviction.

Claudette also notes local police talked with nine students recently,
warning them that a pot conviction could restrict their travel and
vacation destinations throughout their lives. She warns of lost job
opportunities and lists several scenarios of lost opportunity all
because of a "joint".

Well, Claudette, I disagree. A "joint" can't ruin your life. An
archaic, unfair and silly law can - a law that results in convictions
that restrict some travel amongst other things.

This isn't just my view but that of the majority of British
Columbians. A national poll by Leger Marketing as reported in the
Vancouver Province of June 25, 2001 shows 52.4 per cent in favour,
41.4 per cent opposed and 6.2 per cent didn't answer or forgot the

I enjoy reading your column, Claudette. I find it very inspirational
at times. One suggestion - change your lenses from bi-focal to

Bob Erb,
Thornhill, B.C.
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