Pubdate: Tue, 19 Feb 2002
Source: Union, The (CA)
Copyright: 2002 Nevada County Publishing, Inc.
Author: Karen Angeloff
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Medical marijuana was approved by a wide majority of Californians and, 
judging by the numbers, the larger part of those "aye" votes were regular, 
informed, middle-class Californians; not naked potheads (despot or not) as 
depicted in the author's tirade.

While a Grass Valley seminar on medical marijuana (which was indeed held in 
the daylight hours) included marijuana-growing procedures (along with much 
other information), what was stressed was the need for standardization of 
amounts and measurements, offering law enforcement a guideline. This will 
eliminate jury hang-ups and separate commercial growers from those growing 
a small amount for their own use and relief. When county officials and 
leaders are able to meet with citizens and work out a solution for a 
difficult situation like this, I feel nothing but pride for Nevada County, 
don't you?

It might have been enlightening to stop in during that seminar and meet 
some of the local "medical marijuana" users, gathering together cautiously, 
hoping beyond hope, to leave the shadows with their pain. Again, "regular" 
people. Nice people. Caring and concerned doctors are trying to help their 
patients and are brave to do so, at least until the program is working more 

So no harm will befall you with this initiative's enactment, so try taking 
down that box of compassion from the closet shelf, open the lid and bask in 
the glow of loving and helping your fellow man.

Karen Angeloff

Nevada City
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