Pubdate: Fri, 15 Mar 2002
Source: Daily Cardinal (WI Edu)
Copyright: 2002 The Daily Cardinal Newspaper Corporation
Author: Joshua Thompson
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I found the poll showing that medical marijuana has received 80 percent 
support statewide is very encouraging, as doctors and patients know a hell 
of a lot more about necessary medicines than do bureaucrats in the state 
capitol. There is, however, something quite discouraging that I read in the 
Capital Times March 13. We currently have six candidates campaigning to 
become the next governor of Wisconsin. Despite the fact that "medical 
marijuana" has received 80 percent statewide support (and 90 percent 
support in Dane County), there is only one candidate who has come out in 
favor of this proposition.

Speaking at MATC yesterday, Ed Thompson rightfully criticized the other 
candidates for not endorsing this bill. In fact, Congressman Tom Barrett, 
D-Milwaukee, actually voted for a resolution against states allowing 
medical marijuana. The people of Wisconsin have spoken on this issue, and 
yet only one candidate has the courage to stand up for suffering AIDS, 
cancer, arthritis and glaucoma patients. Ed Thompson has shown time and 
again why he should be the next governor of Wisconsin.

Joshua Thompson

UW-Madison Senior

Students for Ed Thompson
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