Pubdate: Mon, 18 Mar 2002
Source: News-Sentinel (IN)
Copyright: 2002 The News-Sentinel
Author: Ari Elias-Bachrach
Cited: (Students for Sensible Drug Policy)
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Recently, several members of Students for Sensible Drug Policy grilled U.S. 
Rep. Mark Souder, R-4th, on his bill that denies financial aid to a student 
convicted of a drug offense.

On several occasions, Souder accused the organization of advocating drug 
use. The accusations were misguided, unfounded and completely inaccurate. 
At no time has anyone speaking for the organization advocated drug use. 
SSDP does not advocate any form of drug use. Rather, its mission is to 
promote an open, honest and rational discussion of alternative solutions to 
our nation's drug problems. By labeling the entire organization as 
advocating drug use, he has found a convenient way to dismiss SSDP's 
arguments but has missed the entire point of the democratic process.

People are allowed and even encouraged to advocate new ideas and policies.

For Souder to ignore the facts and ideas that are presented and instead 
slander the group as advocating drug use is completely unfair.

His constituents should not allow him to avoid the issue with slander.

They must make him address the issues.

Ari Elias-Bachrach,

President, Students for Sensible Drug Policy,

Washington University St. Louis, Mo.
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