Pubdate: Tue, 19 Mar 2002
Source: Athens Banner-Herald (GA)
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Author: Gene LaValley, Brett Ginsburg
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Oconee County School Drug Searches Raise Concerns

I am a bit concerned about the recent "drug sweep" in Oconee County. I am 
against drugs and believe that those who use them ought to be prosecuted. 
But what stops a student or even faculty member from hiding their dope in 
or under a vehicle belonging to another student and then retrieving it at 
the end of each day? Will the innocent remain innocent until proven guilty? 
How would the innocent student "prove" he is innocent if the dope was found 
in or under his or her vehicle? We used to be innocent until proven guilty, 
now it seems we are shifting to guilty, even if proven innocent.

Gene LaValley, Winterville

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Drug Searches Are Useless Unless Alcohol, Tobacco Are Also Targets

I wonder if the RAID Corp. trains its dogs to sniff out alcohol and 
tobacco, both illegal substances for students in high school. It is time we 
recognize that if the concept holds any weight at all, then the true 
"gateway" drugs are underage alcohol and tobacco use. I also wonder if a 
high school student found in possession of, but not intoxicated by tobacco 
or alcohol would face a mandatory suspension and disciplinary tribunal. 
Perhaps removing a student from school and thus the support network of 
teachers and counselors is not the best course of action when a teen-ager 
is found in possession of any type of drug.

Brett Ginsburg, Atlanta
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