Pubdate: Thu, 21 Mar 2002
Source: Guardian, The (UK)
Copyright: 2002 Guardian Newspapers Limited
Author: Darren Johnson,  Chris Doherty, Kamran Rahman


Commander Paddick has an excellent record as a police officer and this has 
been capped by his scheme to target the dealing of hard drugs in Lambeth, 
an approach which a forthcoming Home Office report looks set to endorse 
(Letters, March 20). We should praise, not censure him. We should deal 
quickly with the minor allegations to a tabloid from his jilted lover. And 
above all, we should change the outdated law on cannabis.

Darren Johnson

Member, Metropolitan Police Authority, and Green group leader, London assembly

I work in crime reduction in Lambeth. I commend the change of tone Brian 
Paddick has brought to policing here and look forward to his return. I 
notice that on the Urban 75 website a pro-police march has been mooted to 
call for his reinstatement - a measure of the change he has wrought in 
community-police relations.

Chris Doherty


Surely the Mail on Sunday will score an own goal. There appears to be 
overwhelming support for Brian Paddick, both within the higher ranks of the 
police force and among the public. He should come out of this ordeal as the 
nation's favourite policeman and a voice of reason.

Kamran Rahman

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