Pubdate: Fri, 22 Mar 2002
Source: Athens Banner-Herald (GA)
Copyright: 2002 Athens Newspapers Inc
Author: J.W. Wright
Note: This letter to the editor is reference to a recent mass drug search 
at a local high school. - Newshawk Chip
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Bravo! Mr. Kennedy. I commend you on a well-thought, well-versed letter. We 
do a great many things in the name of children. We even violate their 
rights in the name of a war that cannot be won. A similar incident occurred 
at my high school in 1995, my senior year.

Administrators and police officers met us at the front doors, metal 
detectors and search tables in place. They searched every bag, parcel and 
car. They found many forms of contraception but little in the way of 
contraband. Many were humiliated.

Several of us walked about enraged. I carried my American history book all 
day, the fourth amendment was highlighted; a friend wore a make-shift 
prison number. We lost all academic concentration. Each class became a 
discussion on the constitution and the rights of minors. Our educators, 
gods of knowledge and benevolence, informed us: as minors we had no rights. 
Infuriated, we made every argument possible. Surely the rights of our 
parents protected us. No. Many of us held part-time jobs and paid state and 
local sales taxes. Did this provide protection. No. Teen-agers fall in the 
limbo of legality, trapped. They cannot enjoy the inalienable rights 
protected by our constitution.

Perhaps we should demand our congressional representatives seize the matter 
and solve it. Perhaps when you are 35, Mr. Kennedy, the rights of your 
children may enjoy the protection yours never did.

J.W. Wright
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