Pubdate: Sat, 23 Mar 2002
Source: Times-Journal, The (AL)
Copyright: 2002 Times-Journal
Author: Dave Michon


Editor, Sheila Johnson dragged the Times-Journal low when she attacked 
readers (Internet Not Always A Fun Place, Feb. 27), who responded to her 
story on dog searches in our schools.

Ad hominem attack, calling a reader an "idiot," and a large group of 
grass-roots activists a "bunch of irresponsible, mindless nutcases bent on 
promoting drug use and permissiveness," are not the sort of responses 
readers should expect for taking the time to read your work and then 
contributing a reasoned and rational rebuttal.

Furthermore, that "bunch," The Media Awareness Project (, is 
actually "bent" on saving our kids from all the dangers of the Drug 
Prohibition drug world and bringing sensible policies to bear on drugs 
rather than mindless demagoguery such as Johnson's drivel. It is not a "web 
ring." Does she ever check facts?

The number of Americans who oppose the drug war is growing rapidly, despite 
the clamps the corporate media has on the story. A poll in Wisconsin just 
came out showing over 80 percent in favor of medical marijuana, for 
instance, and all the referenda passed thus far legalizing medical 
marijuana in the face of frenetic government opposition speak for themselves.

The drug warrior's desperation is still best embodied in the refusal of 
Congress to allow the votes cast in the District of Columbia for medical 
marijuana to be counted. This kind of anti-democratic treachery and 
constitutional circumvention is just what we are fighting, despite 
Johnson's shoddy unsupported statement, "Hey pal, the last time I looked, 
real Americans were in total support of the war on drugs in this nation."

Well, Sheila, the last time I "looked," the Constitution was still the law 
of the land and compassion the law of God. You would do well to bone up on 
both. Then you can move on to ethics, integrity and common courtesy.

Dave Michon

Eau Claire, Wis.
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