Pubdate: Mon, 01 Apr 2002
Source: Times-Picayune, The (LA)
Copyright: 2002 The Times-Picayune
Author: Willmarine B. Hurst
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Little by little, we have given up our civil liberties. We are handing over 
our rights with a smile on our faces, trusting our very souls to the 

Now, once again, the issue of drug testing has come up in the public 
schools. Frederick Douglass has already agreed to drug testing. Now, G.W. 
Carver has joined the ranks of those who would allow their children to be 
subjected to drug testing.

My concern is for the students. I know that there are many parents, 
teachers, principals and administrators who believe that the students don't 
have any rights, civil or otherwise. But if my child was attending one of 
these schools, my concern would be to test the teachers, principals, office 
and cafeteria workers, janitors and security guards at the school.

Who would pose the bigger threat to my child: the students who decide to 
get high to escape the baloney they have to put up with at school, or the 
grownups who are responsible for my child's grades, food, well-being, 
safety, etc.?

These are the people I would want tested.

Willmarine B. Hurst, New Orleans
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