Pubdate: Mon,  1 Apr 2002
Source: Little Rock Free Press (AR)
Copyright: 2002 Little Rock Free Press
Author: Jack Smith


Regarding the question posed by the Publisher last issue regarding
using the illegal drug Ecstasy to help make the prisoners of war talk.
She could be right on target.

It was reported by the New York Times two weeks later that the Food
and Drug Administration has approved the first study of this illegal
party drug as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Conscious of the need for drugs to treat the disorder after the
September 11 attacks, the Multidisciplinary Association for
Psychedelic Studies, a non-profit group working to have psychedelic
drugs approved as medicines, applied in October for government
approval of a study in which 20 people will take Ecstasy during
therapy sessions.

The theory is that the drug will reduce fear so patients can talk
about the trauma.

Another question for the publisher might be, "Could it be our children
have been self-medicating for years because of the fear created by our
public schools".  Just another question whose time has come.

Jack Smith, Little Rock