Pubdate: Sat, 06 Apr 2002
Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette (WI)
Copyright: 2002 Green Bay Press-Gazette
Author: Dan Desmond


LENA - It seems to me that the sin in using drugs is intent. Do you
want to get high or rich - or are you seeking a higher quality of
life? When hard narcotics, such as morphine, are not an option for a
person because they cause you more pain than the disease, any means to
alleviate this pain seems a righteous thing to do. God gave us this
plant; so who are we to say it's evil?

I believe all God-given things are correct in the right circumstances.
Perhaps marijuana to a patient with bone cancer is not his best
choice, but perhaps marijuana in a lesser situation is enough to keep
you alert and still functioning when less is required but still needed.

If you've had a charmed life in which only little aches and pains have
presented themselves, you're very lucky. When a person awakens every
day 24/7 with debilitating pain, this is a life-altering situation.
When you know that every physical act you do is going to produce a
consequence, you hesitate to move.

The next thing is money. Our drug producers, state, taxmen and
pharmacies won't be happy about the fact that medicine can be grown
for pennies out your front door.

If legislators want to tell us what is good or bad, they must come
from that situation or they can't be allowed to judge.

I propose we let the chronically ill vote on what will or will not be
used. Please, Mr. Senator, don't try to save us; just help us.

Dan Desmond
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