Pubdate: Sat, 06 Apr 2002
Source: Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Copyright: 2002 News Limited
Author: Jim Davis


It has been reported (Tele April 4) that the recent heroin drought caused a 
34% increase in armed robberies due to the increased cost of the drug. It's 
obvious that restricting the supply of drugs (on the rare occasion when the 
police actually have any impact) is not a good idea as it just increases crime.

In the UK, the top police officers group, the Association of Chief Police 
Officers, has called for the mass prescription of heroin to addicts. One of 
the Chief Constables said that regulation of the drugs market would be "the 
most effective crime prevention measure any government could take".

The UK used to have heroin available on prescription until 1970 when it 
bowed to US pressure and made it illegal.  The result - a huge increase in 
the number of addicts from 1000 in 1970 to more than 270,000 today and more 
heroin related crime than in America.

Prohibition has failed - the tough approach to drugs favoured by Prime 
Minister John Howard has resulted only in more drug addicts, more injury 
and death and 34% more people being robbed at gunpoint.  That's nothing to 
be proud of.

Jim Davis
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