Pubdate: Thu, 04 Apr 2002
Source: Colorado Springs Independent Newsweekly (CO)
Copyright: 2002 Colorado Springs Independent
Author: Jimm Davis


To the Editor:

In a recent response in opposition to Paul Dougan's article, "Driving While 
Hippie" [Feb. 28], former peace officer Steve Fowler stated flatly that the 
"hippie culture made no contribution to mankind and no long-term effect on 

The '60s culture was a dynamic force that forever changed the American 
scene, responding to the urge of an advancing people to balance their needs 
with that of their planet.

It was a massive grass-roots movement that ultimately embraced the key 
issues of awareness in a Cold War climate, where the state of our 
environment and our personal health (health foods, yoga, spirituality, and 
those contributions to an overall organic lifestyle) took precedence and 
were not allowed to be overshadowed by our country's extensive military 

In addition, the movement of human rights, which contributed greatly to the 
realization of women as spiritual, mental and emotional equals in a 
male-dominated society, was itself fueled by a culture that our news media 
at the time pegged the "hippie movement."

And there is no disputing the lasting effect the imagination of this 
culture has had through its music and art globally and its distinct 
contribution to the spreading of Eastern science and philosophy in the West.

It is worth remembering that, for at least 5,000 years of human history 
prior to the Roman Empire, long hair was the rule and not the exception. 
 From Sumeria to the Andes, great civilizations and culture existed in this 

Myself being a longhair, I personally understand the social stigma 
associated with the length of my hair and its connection to a person's 
presumed narcotic dependency.

"Driving While Hippie" dealt with a basic human rights violation 
perpetrated against those who are generally no threat to the public, those 
being the smokers of marijuana. Ignorance will always breed hypocrisy.

It is unfortunate that so many urban professionals perjure themselves when 
their latent prejudices ooze from the pores of their so-called open minds. 
Our corporate and political leaders on Capitol Hill are themselves addicted 
to a pharmaceutical/ alcohol habit, and are willing to allow the American 
voters to be, also. Huh!

Jimm Davis

Colorado Springs
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