Pubdate: Sun, 14 Apr 2002
Source: Daily News, The (CN NS)
Copyright: 2002 The Daily News
Author: Debbie Stultz-Giffin
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To the editor:

Re: Compassion or Crime, The Sunday Daily News, April 7.

About one million Canadians use marijuana medicinally, according to a 
Health Canada-funded survey conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Four per 
cent of our adult population consider marijuana a viable option to treat 
symptoms of merciless diseases and conditions. For one of a multitude of 
reasons, pharmaceuticals failed us!

Despite the newly created, supposedly compassionate, medical marijuana 
access regulations, only approximately 700 dying or chronically ill 
Canadians held a legal exemption, as of January, allowing us to utilize 
medical marijuana without fear of prosecution. Health Canada's rules 
continue to leave patients with debilitating illnesses in an overwhelming 
chasm of abandonment. Gravely ill and dying patients are being denied their 
constitutional right to legal access to their medication.

If Health Canada can't provide us with our medication in a timely fashion, 
then it should graciously step aside and allow compassion clubs and good 
Samaritans to assist patients with filling their prescriptions without fear 
of prosecution.

Debbie Stultz-Giffin

Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana,

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