Pubdate: Wed, 24 Apr 2002
Source: Tribune Review (PA)
Copyright: 2002 Tribune-Review Publishing Co.
Author: Gene Laratonda
Bookmark: (Higher Education Act)


Jeb Bush's daughter has a drug conviction, but thanks to her family, she 
doesn't need financial assistance. The law that denies federal financial 
assistance for higher education to drug convicts doesn't restrict all of 
them as much as it restricts the poor ones ("One lousy message," April 14).

I understand that the law is trying to discourage convicted drug offenders 
from using student loan money for drugs, but this is not the way to do it. 
I am not liberal, and I hate watching politicians blame each other for 
their ideologies. Pathetic finger-pointing is all that it is.

We need to solve this problem, and banning convicted drug users from 
getting an education is despicable. Stop ignoring drug use and abuse and 
start dealing with it.

This is the message I get: It may not be the drugs that are making a 
convicted drug offender stupid, but the law.

Gene Laratonda, Leechburg
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