Pubdate: Thu, 09 May 2002
Source: Messenger-Inquirer (KY)
Copyright: 2002 Messenger-Inquirer
Author: Betty Primrose


Regarding the recent headline "Teens have few drug rehab options; Even for 
adults, services in Owensboro are limited." And why do they have few 
options? Teens will be our leaders -- mayor, commissioners and possibly 

It seems that the city and county leaders can only see the riverfront, the 
RiverPark Center and the all important Greenbelt Park. These are luxuries 
that are used by a few of the population.

Children should come first. According to our local paper, we are way up 
there in meth, Ecstasy, and other drugs. Of course, it's not just the 
children, it is a large part our local population and rehab, and education 
is important to everyone.

For some reason our local government wears blinders for anything serious 
that residents need or want. They have little time for problems of the 
people. I think people want their tax money spent on important things: 
rehab and detoxification for addicts and new schools with smaller classes.

We need a new community complex. A skating rink with lower rates and pool 
tables. There would be less time for drugs and other mischief. We need 
these things instead of the "big bucks" projects the majority of taxpayers 
do not want.

The City Commission and Fiscal Court should change their attitudes and work 
together so more people will want to live here.

Owensboro isn't and never has been cultural. That has always been one of 
our best assets. People move here for a simpler life. Make it good, safe, 
fun and kind of rural for the kids, and the parents will come.

Betty Primrose

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