Pubdate: Thu, 9 May 2002
Source: Hull Daily Mail (UK)
Copyright: 2002 Northcliffe Newspapers Group Ltd
Author: Alun Buffry


In the letter "I'm Fed Up With Cannabis Protests" (HDM, 8 May) the writer 
says that "Everybody who is interested knows all about the debate anyway" 
and that Carl Wagner, who organised the cannabis march and rally in Hull on 
5 May, should "be taking his views to the Government".

Protest marches ARE one way that a large number of people can make their 
views known and are part of our democratic system.  No doubt Mr Wagner is 
using other avenues to the Government as well - after all, he did stand for 
Parliament last year.

As for everybody who is interested knowing the debate, what nonsense. Go 
out on the streets of Hull and determine the validity of that statement!

In fact, if those in power knew the debate and listened to the facts as 
presented by everybody from the cannabis users themselves to most of the 
police who arrest them - not forgetting the medico-scientific researchers, 
cannabis would have been made legal already.

The letter-writer says he supports controlled legalisation, but what is he 
or she doing about it?

Recognising a wrong is one thing.  Sitting at home doing nothing but 
criticise those who try to right that wrong is another.

Alun Buffry
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