Pubdate: Thu, 16 May 2002
Source: NOW Magazine (Canada)
Copyright: 2002 NOW Communications Inc.
Author: Chris Donald


An interesting coincidence, if it is in fact a coincidence, occurred last week.

The Senate committee looking at cannabis concluded that the "gateway 
theory," which holds that cannabis use leads to the use of other drugs, is 
a myth, and that the nation should be polled about decriminalizing cannabis 
(NOW, May 9-15).

These Senators heard presentations from all over the world, making their 
report the most informed in this country in decades.

At the same time as the announcement of these findings, Vancouver was 
hosting the "iDEAs Conference," a one-sided propaganda vehicle paid for by 
a filthy-rich Vancouver "moral entrepreneur" whose speakers list was 
stacked with U.S. drug warriors and politicos who've all made very 
lucrative careers out of demonizing cannabis.

The real story to watch here is how much ink and air time each story 
receives. My money is on the average Canadian never having heard of the 
Senate committee's findings in a week's time.

Chris Donald

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