Pubdate: Tue, 21 May 2002
Source: Tuscaloosa News, The (AL)
Copyright: 2002 The Tuscaloosa News
Author: Claude D. Taylor


Dear Editor: All over the nation the police are setting up what they call 
"checkpoints." For those of you who don't remember them (and no offence to 
our Russian brothers and sisters), checkpoints were a thing that the 
Communists used at every border between the Russian states or satellite 
countries to keep up with their citizens that were traveling around their 
country. If your papers were out of order, you got into trouble. If you 
didn't get to the next checkpoint in a certain amount of time, you got into 

The police in America are saying that these "checkpoints" are for stopping 
drunk drivers, people who aren't wearing seatbelts and stuff like that and 
drunk drivers should be penalized.

Well, to me and many other citizens, checkpoints are communist and it's wrong.

Its just one more way for them to make us late for work, late getting home, 
to take more of our hard-earned money and to put our family members in jail.

If you refuse to stop for one of these communist checkpoints you will be 
arrested and locked up. We as a nation should stand up for our freedom and 
stop this communist act from taking more of our freedom and money. Because 
if we don't, we will all be slaves to the police and our government. Please 
inform your governors, mayors, city councilmen and women that you want this 
communist act to stop. This is America, the home of the FREE! Not the home 
of the communists.

Claude D. Taylor

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