Pubdate: Fri, 24 May 2002
Source: Wausau Daily Herald (WI)
Copyright: 2002 Wausau Daily Herald
Author: Gary Storck
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Editor: The state Legislature has turned a blind eye to the suffering of 
Wisconsinites chronically wasting away from illnesses like cancer and AIDS 
who could benefit by having legal access to medical marijuana.

Cancer and AIDS represent just two subsets of the many illnesses that 
respond favorably to marijuana's medicinal properties.

With the medical marijuana bill that was introduced in January bottled up 
in committee, thanks to the cynical manipulations of Assembly Speaker Scott 
Jensen, R-Waukesha, the chances of the Legislature acting to protect sick 
and dying Wisconsinites from arrest and jail if they choose to employ this 
therapy are, at this point, just about nil.

Despite the fact a February 2002 Chamberlain Research Poll found over 80 
percent of Wisconsinites support the passage of a bill, only a few 
legislators have had the political courage to embrace it. "Silent Scott" 
McCallum also has been mute on this issue, like most other issues.

There is a way to guarantee that medical marijuana legislation will receive 
serious consideration, and that is by electing Ed Thompson governor. 
Thompson has been outspoken in support of legalizing this option since he 
began campaigning. While other candidates grudgingly give quiet support to 
medical marijuana, others like McCallum and Tom Barrett either have no 
position or a history of opposition.

With the state caught in a budget crisis and caucus scandal thanks to the 
failure of Democrats and Republicans to put partisan issues aside and do 
what is right for the state, it is time to send a strong message by 
electing Libertarian Ed Thompson to return the state of Wisconsin to 
government by the people, not special interests.

Gary Storck, Madison
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