Pubdate: Wed, 30 Apr 2003
Source: San Francisco Examiner (CA)
Copyright: 2003 San Francisco Examiner
Author: Matthew Hulett


I AM GLAD Ed Rosenthal may get a new trial (Rosenthal case shakeup, April 
1). He was railroaded in the first trial, the whole truth and nothing but 
the truth was not given to the jury, and justice was not served.

Since all of the scholarly evidence in major drug policy works supports 
medical access to cannabis, it is absurd that this evidence be hidden 
because Congress, a group of lawyers for the most part, has its head in the 
sand and denies marijuana has medical utility.

Lawyers and congressmen should not be getting between people and their 
doctors concerning the best route for their health care decisions.

Of course, do not be surprised if Judge Breyer finds an excuse to ignore 
this obvious violation of Mr. Rosenthals rights.

People on a witch hunt can find exceptions to any principle that prevents 
the burning of a witch.

Matthew Hulett

Brick, N.J.