Pubdate: Thu, 02 Jan 2003
Source: Herald-Times, The (IN)
Copyright: 2003 The Herald-Times
Author: Gary Storck
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To the editor:

Libertarian Bloomington physician Clark Brittain is to be commended
for his courageous stand supporting patients who can benefit from the
medicinal use of marijuana.

Too many members of the medical profession take the easy way out and
refuse to take a stand, even when patients they treat show benefit
from medicating with cannabis.

If more physicians would follow their oath, perhaps this nation's
politicians would also gain the courage and catch up to the American
public, which according to a recent Time magazine poll supports
relegalizing medical marijuana by a margin of over 80 percent.

Withholding medical marijuana from patients who can benefit is not
just cruel and immoral, but un-American. It's time for America to get
its priorities straight and stop terrorizing patients for using
medicinal pot.

Gary Storck,
Madison, Wis.
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