Pubdate: Thu, 02 Jan 2003
Source: Eugene Weekly (OR)
Copyright: 2003 Eugene Weekly
Author: Roscoe Caron
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Let me see if I understand this: We now have tank-like armored vehicles,
operated by the Oregon National Guard, rumbling through the streets of
Eugene. The 45 police officers, armed with assault rifles, spring into their
military invasion action in search of marijuana plants. After using
flash-bang grenades and busting through the doors, they tie up two naked
female Eugene residents and place a black hood over the head of one of the
terrorized women.

They trash three houses and find no plants. Well, better luck next time.
Since we're moving headlong into a national security military government,
why don't we just speed things up a bit? How about adopting that great
Israeli army practice of making Palestinian families watch while the
military bulldozes their "suspect" homes? We could have National Guard
bulldozers follow the National Guard tanks into the Whiteaker neighborhood.

While we're at it, how about extending Camp X-Ray, the U.S. government's
off-shore torture camp, to the new mega-National Guard base that they want
to build near LCC? We could then have our own local torture camp - complete
with lots of black hoods, of course.

Roscoe Caron

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