Pubdate: Sun, 05 Jan 2003
Source: Herald-Times, The (IN)
Copyright: 2003 The Herald-Times
Author: Tammera Halphen


To the editor:

Medical marijuana an election issue, by Andy Graham, (Sunday, Dec. 29, 
2002) was an excellent article and I agree with Clark Brittain except for 
one point. Brittain said one thing even I don't agree with and I'm for 
marijuana legalization. He said: "They're releasing real bad guys because 
they have to incarcerate the pot heads."

Most marijuana users go to jail for no longer than booking and making bail. 
That doesn't mean they aren't harmed by a conviction.

1. Their car might be towed and even forfeited.

2. They may get their driver's license suspended, even if they weren't driving.

3. They may be on probation for which they will pay.

4. They will have go to unnecessary "drug treatment" and pay for it.

5. They will have to take drug tests to stay out of jail.

6. They may lose their professional licenses or job.

7. They might have trouble finding housing.

8. They will lose student financial aid.

Why should marijuana smokers be penalized more than speeders? Someone 
speeding might actually be endangering my life and a marijuana smoker in 
his home is not. Marijuana prohibition is wrong but we need to be very 
careful that those of us who are for marijuana legalization don't repeat 
misinformation. The drug czar's office puts out enough misinformation for 

Tammera Halphen

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