Pubdate: Mon, 06 Jan 2003
Source: Lindsay Daily Post (CN ON)
Copyright: 2003 Lindsay Daily Post
Author: Brian M. Grummitt


Editorial - Re: 'Majority of Canadians want to decriminalize pot 
possession, poll' (Jan. 4, The Daily Post).

Could we not, for the sake of argument, divide 'decriminalization of 
marijuana' into three areas of conversation:

Agricultural - due to the stereotyping of all hemp causing 'reefer 
madness', the Americans prevented non-the producing strains of hemp to be a 
crucial agricultural crop. They annihilated the prosperous hemp industry in 
their own country. Did you know the original blue jeans were sewn from 
recycled hemp sailcloth? The nautical world swore by hemp rope, and hemp 
sails adorned those three mast schooners. Watch a show called 'Hemp 
Revolution' aired by PBS if you want to realize all the agricultural 
benefits of hemp.

The point is, an American administration caused the loss of thousands of 
jobs plus untold dollars in agricultural and manufacturing/engineering 
economical prosperity by their unsubstantiated propaganda campaign 'Reefer 
Madness'. I've seen the film. Ask Australia, Sweden and many other 
countries about the rejuvenation of hemp industries.

The U.S.A. have actually prevented documented cases of physically ill 
citizens from taking marijuana as a medically recommended drug to ease 
their problems. And not just chronically ill people either! Glaucoma 
victims who could have prevented blindness, stroke victims like myself who 
could use the neurological benefits provided by reefers.

And Toronto law enforcement shut down the operation that provided 1,200 ill 
patients receiving medicine that actually let them live instead of just 

Existing laws are doing more damage than good in our medical communities.

This I believe is the most controversial part of the marijuana issue. If 
recreational smoking was allowed as it should be (until you can prove 
without a shadow of a doubt that it would cause more damage than good in 
medicinal terms), the only real difference to society will be that we pot 
smokers will legally grow our own - 12 plants a year, just enough for our 
own use. You won't get increased crime rate, or increased mental institute 
expenses. But you may want to buy stocks in the munchie suppliers.

Dopeheads over obnoxious alcohol drinkers any day!

Give dopeheads equal rights as valium and other tranquilizer takers (did 
someone mention drug companies? Oh my, you bad little chap!) To cap off my 
recitation here, I would like to re-enforce the words that I, myself, read 
on these very pages: Let statistical and factual data determine the issue, 
and not personal opinions! And that is the end of my personal opinion based 
on statistical, factual data!

The last point of personal irritation in the article was the quoted 
American reference threat: with 'reefer madness', which was the American 
propaganda program created to obscure of factual information of marijuana. 
True story! And it wouldn't be like the American capitalistic 
pharmaceutical firms to help out if their profits were at risk? No, not them!

I look at the U.S. like this:

They are mere mortals and therefore they do make mistakes! But just like 
dealing with seniors, get them to admit it.

Great, loyal neighbours.

Like Canada, their administrations have not always governed as their 
citizens would sometimes prefer.

They can teach anyone a thing or two about patriotism.

They are unquestionably the masters of presentation and illusion.

They have many outstanding features and some not-so-outstanding ones.

Their administrations however, paint a different picture to the world.

In general, I believe the majority of our southern neighbours are 
peace-loving, down to earth, caring, intelligent, responsible, loving 
people. So why do their administrations continue to emit arrogant, 
war-monger, unintelligent vibrations to the rest of the world?

Let's put it this way: Any country which still allows Klu Klux Klan 
chapters to exist, and which still is won't move for medicinal reasons on 
an outdated zero tolerance drug policy, is quite simply not worthy of my or 
my country's respect.

Therefore, I suggest we take what the Americans say about any current 
issues with more than a few grains of salt. Threats or no threats!

Brian M. Grummitt

Daytonia Beach
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