Pubdate: Tue, 07 Jan 2003
Source: Wausau Daily Herald (WI)
Copyright: 2003 Wausau Daily Herald
Author: Gary Storck
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EDITOR: Regarding the Wausau Daily Herald's Jan. 5 editorial, "Accepting 
applications for Shibilski's replacement," the new state senator should 
have the integrity, courage and compassion to take the initiative and lead 
the Legislature to pass a state medical-marijuana-use bill to Gov. Jim 
Doyle for his signature.

Political game-playing in the last legislative session doomed bills that 
would have protected sick and dying Wisconsin residents from arrest and 
jail for using medicinal pot to ease their suffering. The bill was snuffed 
despite a poll finding over 80 percent of state residents support 
legalizing medical marijuana use. A new bill is expected to be introduced 
soon in the Assembly.

Too many legislators act like even medical use of marijuana is dangerous, 
when they should have mercy and consider that accidents or serious illness 
can strike anyone at any time, and if it does, every option for pain relief 
ought to be considered.

A state senator who puts science ahead of politics and who understands that 
cannabis is a natural, safe and effective treatment option would be the 
ideal replacement for Kevin Shibilski. Hopefully a candidate with these 
qualities will be on the ballot.

Gary Storck, Madison
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