Pubdate: Thu, 09 Jan 2003
Source: Shepherd Express (WI)
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I was one of the 445 people who attended the dance in Racine on the
night of Nov. 2, and I was also issued a bunk, frivolous ticket
["Bust-happy Cops in Racine?" Nov. 21]. I am 14 years old and have a
$968 fine pending against me for something I had no idea was going on,
much less participated in.

I went to the "rave" with two friends of mine; we heard about the
dance online. Security checks and no drugs were promised on the flier
we saw, but apparently that didn't happen. When the police were
writing me my ticket, I asked an officer what was going on, why I was
getting a ticket, etc., and she replied that some people there had
drugs, and I should have known that and left, or something to that

How was I to know that when I live in a town nearly two hours away and
only knew two other people there? I was a wallflower the whole night.

Now everybody there got a ticket, but only three had drugs. Some 445
tickets got issued, but only a small number stuck because some people
took the city's bribe of an $868 reduction. That doesn't mean that the
other people were doing something wrong, does it? Of course not!

Wow, that sounds nearly identical to what Officer Macemon said in
response to the questionable 91 complaints filed against the
department over the last few years ["To Protect and Violate?" Dec.12].

"Let's say a department gets 100 complaints but only, say, two are
substantiated," Macemon says. "Does that mean the department is doing
something wrong? No, it doesn't." Think before you speak. I think
reviewing the word MORALS would help a lot of people out. Our country
is being defended by unsafe, rude, money-grubbing authorities! To
protect and serve? Protect and serve your own ass, maybe. When did the
world become so corrupted? How are children supposed to learn to
respect authority when they pull stunts like this?

Elizabeth Onheiber,
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