Pubdate: Fri, 11 Jul 2003
Source: Langley Advance (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 Lower Mainland Publishing Group Inc.
Author: Bruce Symington
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Dear Editor,

I smoked pot for over 30 years, many of my friends have also, and none of
them have experienced any of the mysterious "permanent damage" to which Mr.
Frank Sterle Jr. alludes [Letters to the Editor, June 24, Langley Advance

Contrast that with alcohol drinkers of the same vintage, who have the
shakes, can't get out of bed in the morning, have low-level jobs and heart
conditions, have lost their mental acuity, and frankly, look like hell.

Of course, it is easy to say, "Do as I say, not as I did," as Frank does,
but he seems not to have looked at the situation objectively.

Bruce Symington

Medicine Hat, Alberta
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