Pubdate: Tue, 15 Jul 2003
Source: Billings Outpost, The (MT)
Copyright: 2003 The Billings Outpost
Author: Tom Angell


Thank you for your reasoned editorial, "A long, tough week in the land of 
the free" (June 12).

It's clear that the Drug Enforcement Administration is using the RAVE Act 
to target political groups that they don't like. Drug use occurs every day 
at concerts and other events around the country, but the DEA has yet to 
explain why they are justified in using the law to only target events that 
advocate for changes in drug policy.

It is a travesty of justice that American taxpayers' money is being used to 
stifle free speech and political activity. This is not to mention the fact 
that the RAVE Act does nothing to reduce the harms caused by substance 
abuse; it instead exacerbates them by making event
organizers negligent for adopting proven harm reduction techniques.

Tom Angell

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Warwick, R.I.
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