Pubdate: Wed, 16 Jul 2003
Source: Auburn Journal (CA)
Copyright: 2003 Auburn Journal
Author: John Henry
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Steve Kubby was wrongfully represented in a letter to the editor in the 
Auburn Journal, July 3.

When living in the United States, Steve was prescribed marijuana by a 
California doctor. Even though Steve had all the state's documents to 
verify his marijuana was a legal medicine, the Drug Enforcement Agency, a 
government bureaucracy designed to seize nonviolent American 
citizens'  assets and property to stay afloat financially, bulldozed and 
ransacked Steve and his wife, Michele, Kubby's humble home.

They have tried to justify their inexcusable actions by saying illegal 
drugs fund terror and Saddam Hussein, while ignoring the fact that this 
wouldn't happen if "street drugs" were regulated.

Has anyone even stopped to think that if "street drugs" were legal 20 years 
prior to 9/11 that there wouldn't have been an attack on America? I 
guarantee that Osama Bin Laden doesn't want prohibition to end.

Prohibition creates economic opportunities for terrorist and criminals that 
otherwise wouldn't be there, and then we pretend that these are the 
negative effects of the drugs themselves, but they are the negative effects 
of prohibition.

But we continue to ignore the truth because non-users think "it doesn't 
affect me, so why should I care?" If 9/11 didn't affect you, I'm not sure 
you are American. I know the D.E.A. isn't.

John Henry

Irving, Texas
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