Pubdate: Sat, 19 Jul 2003
Source: Wausau Daily Herald (WI)
Copyright: 2003 Wausau Daily Herald
Author: Gary Storck


Kudos to U.S. Rep. David Obey for standing up for medical marijuana 
patients in a recent Appropriations Committee hearing in Congress. Sources 
at the hearing quoted Obey as saying: "Nothing makes me more angry than 
this issue. When I decide what I want on the way out, or what a family 
member needs on the way out, it's none of your damn business!" Obey 
reportedly shouted this last sentence while pointing directly at the 
Republicans on the committee. The amendment went down to defeat 31-16. But, 
while Republicans voted as a block against it, 16 Democrats led by Obey 
stood up for the rights of District of Columbia voters who passed a medical 
marijuana law in 1998, only to have former Rep. Bob Barr push through an 
amendment overturning the vote.

Medical marijuana is not a partisan issue. A Chamberlain Research poll that 
found over 80 percent of Wisconsinites support medical marijuana found 
nearly equal support for it among Republicans and Democrats, as well as 
among independent voters.

Now that he has left no doubt on where he stands on this issue, Obey should 
co-sponsor HR 2233, the bipartisan States' Rights to Medical Marijuana Act, 
which would let states adopt medical marijuana laws without federal 
interference and allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana just as they 
prescribe other medications. With Wisconsin's Legislature set to take up 
this issue this fall, it is even more important that HR 2233 gets a hearing 
this time around.

Please call Dave Obey and ask him to co-sponsor HR 2233, and please call 
your state legislators and ask them to support state medical marijuana 
legislation when it is introduced this fall.

Gary Storck is director of communications for Is My Medicine Legal YET? in 
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