Pubdate: Thu, 24 Jul 2003
Source: here (CN NB)
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Author: Matthew Hulett


Re: "Prostitution is a drug problem," here, July 17-24. I very much doubt
prostitution as the oldest profession would fade away if illicit drug use
were to magically disappear. I do not doubt addicts needing to pay inflated
prices exacerbate the problem, but I do not believe the proper way to
address the prostitution issue is to institute various expensive unproven

Just as with the drug issue, once again the tolerant Dutch provide a light
of reason in the cave of darkness. They have licit regulated prostitution in
their infamous red light districts and through effective regulations the
prostitutes are not forced to the street and receive the best health care
which minimizes disease transference.

You do not feel unsafe walking the streets of Amsterdam in the late evening,
and you certainly do not have to dodge condoms on the ground nor do you have
lonely men driving up to you asking for a date.

If we're looking for a pragmatic solution to the problems, it has already
been demonstrated.

Matthew Hulett
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