Pubdate: Sat, 19 Jul 2003
Source: Union-News (MA)
Copyright: 2003 Union-News
Author: Jeanne M. Black-Ferguson


In a letter to editor, the mother who uses cannabis (marijuana) to relieve 
pain from her intractable migraines took a brave step in exposing herself 
to legal ramifications because of the insidious interference with our 
private lives from our current enforcement of drugs laws. ("Medicinal 
marijuana use should not be a crime," The Republican, July 16).

Her courage in speaking out on her use of this currently illegal, albeit 
miraculous plant, cannabis, is much-needed. Especially in light of the fact 
that the de facto prohibition of this entire species is a contributory 
factor to our environmental degradation. Everything that can be made from a 
hydrocarbon can be made with a carbohydrate, i.e. cannabis, and has the 
advantage of being biodegradable.

The cannabis plant has more uses than the one of which most people are 
aware. And, as people become aware of the multiple uses for this beneficial 
species, the reasons for continuing with enforcement of our federal drugs 
laws and the incarceration of hundreds of thousands of our citizens for 
simply possessing it will, I trust, come to an end.

Our current folly of attempting to eradicate a God-given plant ought to 
bring pause: Our current marijuana-cannabis eradication program uses tons 
of chemicals each year that wind up in our food, air and water. Yet, 
cannabis can be grown without the use of chemicals and actually replenishes 
the soil in which it grows. Besides being a plant of many uses, it contains 
a drug that is safer for you than aspirin. Makes one wonder why it was ever 

Jeanne M. Black-Ferguson,

MassCann Board of Directors, Boston
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