Pubdate: Tue, 05 Aug 2003
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
Copyright: 2003, Canoe Limited Partnership.
Author: Steven Bacon
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Note: Parenthetical remark by the Sun editor, headline by newshawk


IN SPITE of the prior propaganda by Chief Julian Fantino in the media,
almost half a million people thoroughly enjoyed the experience they deserved
at the Stones/SARS concert in Toronto last week. Thousands upon thousands of
joints were burned there that day.

I attended the concert sporting a Canadian cannabis leaf flag. I had a
wonderful time meeting and posing for photos with hundreds of elated concert

I'm former fire and rescue myself and the EMS people I came across were
thumbs up and beaming at the sight of the leaf. Not once, and there were
packs of them roaming everywhere, did I get so much as a smile from a cop. I
was gawked at and frowned upon by most of them.

It's unfortunate the chief won't acknowledge that almost half a million
people were left to peacefully puff, if they so desired, and absolutely
nothing bad became of it. On the contrary.

With only 21 alcohol-related arrests and no reported medical incidents other
than dehydration, I would conclude the obvious; that Peace, Love, Music, and
Marijuana will always go hand and hand regardless of their prohibition.

In the courts it is looking like the prohibition of cannabis could well be
on its death bed. The police should drop the political agenda, lose the
attitude, and learn to live with it if they want respect after all the dust

Steven Bacon


(Hey, the cops said from the start they wouldn't bust pot smokers at the
show, what more do you want?)
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