Pubdate: Sat, 19 Jul 2003
Source: Fort Pierce Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2003 The E.W. Scripps Co.
Author: K.M. Gahn


I am writing this letter to voice my opinion for Dr. Shah. I don't
know what he did to be charged the way he was, but until the facts are
known, I support him and will continue to use his services. the
following is my experience with Dr. Shah's office:

One night in September of 2002, after my husband (Tim) had come home
from work he had taken some medication and within minutes he was
complaining of severe itching.

He told me to call Dr. Shah's office because something was

I called Dr. Shah's office at 8:15 p.m. It was after hours and he

He explained to me that Tim was having an allergic reaction and to
bring him to his office right away and he would have a nurse waiting
with him and they could take care of my husband. After hanging up the
phone with the doctor my husband said he could not breathe and before
I got him out of the house he lost consciousness. I knew then that it
was much more than we had thought and wondered if I should call 9-1-1,
all I knew was that if I didn't get Tim help I was afraid he was going
to die. I called Dr. Shah back after I managed to get my husband
strapped in the truck to let him know how bad it was. He assured me
that he had a nurse waiting with him and he would take care of Tim.

Dr. Shah kept calling my cell phone wanting to know exactly where I
was and as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, Dr. Shah and his
nurse (Sandy) came out to my vehicle where Tim was unconscious and
gave him an injection.

They thought that the one shot would bring him out of it in seconds,
when it didn't Dr. Shah gave Tom two more injections while his nurse
gave my husband oxygen.

When Tim did not respond to the shots, Dr. Shah called rescue
realizing that Tim needed to get to the hospital.

When fire rescue arrived, Dr. Shah and Sandy waited with me while
rescue worked on Tim. When the rescue put Tim in the ambulance to take
him to the hospital, Dr. Shah, who knew that I was in no condition to
drive a car, drove me to the hospital in his personal car. He went
right into the emergency room to make sure Tim was OK. He knew I was
terrified and kept me informed.

As soon as he could he took me to be with my husband.

We learned Tim had gone into anaphylactic shock (the severe type of
allergic reaction). I know many people did not agree with the choices
I made that night and both Tim and I were criticized for not calling
9-1- 1 or going straight to the hospital.

It was easy for these people to judge me the next day. I knew my
husband needed immediate treatment, so I took Tim where I knew a
doctor was waiting.

I do believe that my husband is alive today because of Dr. Shah and

A couple of years ago, I was at work when I began suffering from
severe stomach pain and nausea.

After several hours, when I couldn't take the pain any longer, I
decided to go home because I thought I would be OK. When I got to my
car, I realized that I could not drive because I was in so much pain.
I called my husband who came to me right away. Because I never leave
work, my husband wanted to take me to my doctor.

My doctor was closed that day so my husband said he was taking me to
Advanced Care EmergiCenter. After my husband checked me in and told
the receptionist that I was having severe stomach pains, a nurse,
Wendy, took me immediately to a room. Mike Sweeny was on duty and
ordered X- rays, blood work and a sonogram to see if they could find
anything wrong. Dr. Shah happened to stop by, after coming to see me
he stayed until they could determine what was wrong with me. When my
blood work came back they said my appendix was going to burst.

Dr. Shah said he was calling for rescue to get me to the

I told him that because he was not on my policy my insurance company
would not allow me to go to the hospital without Dr. Pena calling
ahead and that Pena's office was closed.

He finally realized that I wasn't going to the hospital without Pena's
OK, so he called Dr. Pena to get everything authorized properly.

He called the hospital for pre-admission and even called a surgeon to
get me into surgery as soon as possible.

After getting to the emergency room, my husband brought me a
wheelchair to sit in while I waited for my room to be ready.

I had a hospital gown on and an IV from Dr. Shah in my arm. A nurse at
the hospital asked me if I needed the wheelchair because she had
someone coming in with a sprained ankle that needed it. I couldn't
have moved for anyone, it was all I could do to sit there because of
the pain I was in. Dr. Shah would not give me anything for pain
because he wanted the surgeon to examine me. Dr. Shah did this for me
on his day off.

On many occasions, Dr. Shah and Mike Sweeny have been there for my
husband and myself when my regular doctor couldn't see me. With my old
doctor retiring, the new doctor that was chosen for me by my insurance
company will not accept any new patients.

Advanced Care EmergiCenter has never turn us down and have always been
there for us.


Fort Pierce
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