Pubdate: Sat, 09 Aug 2003
Source: Maple Ridge News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 Maple Ridge News
Author: Nikki Wood
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Editor, The News:

Re; Drugged drink claim questioned (July 30).

This story left me shaken. I was not disturbed by the idea of "date rape" 
drugs circulating in local bars, as this is already common knowledge to me 
and my friends. Rather, I was disgusted by Kelly Sherrif's attitude toward 
the drug GHB being possibly found in her club, Roosters.

Date rape drugs, when not used for their purpose to medicate insomnia, 
cause impaired judgment, impaired motor skills, and when mixed with 
alcohol, cause blackouts. They are 10 times more potent than Valium.

Oddly enough, the symptoms of "date rape" drugs parallel those of alcohol. 
This parallel is so similar that when a person has ingested these drugs, 
without their knowledge, they are unsure as to whether they were slipped 
them or not. They are sure, however, that their memory of previous events 
is gone, and are also aware that they were taken advantage of. The severity 
of events such as these, as well as the insecurity that accompanies them, 
cause the victim of the assault to question herself, and therefore let it 
go unreported.

It is for these reasons that Kelly Sherrif's comment, "Lots of girls claim 
they were slipped it, they all have parents", should be disregarded. It is 
that attitude that perpetuates the silence that accompanies sexual crimes. 
As a 19-year-old woman, I find it genuinely sad that she takes the common 
attitude, of pointing a finger at the victim. Her comment insinuates that 
these girls are at fault for something they did not ask for.

It seemed rather odd to me, that for as flip as she was about the usage of 
GHB in her club, she was fearfully concerned for willing ecstasy users. At 
least the people who use E are aware of what they are doing to themselves, 
as well as the consequences.

Unfortunately for Kelly Sherrif though, it does effect her sales and 
therefore her mindset.

Nikki Wood

Maple Ridge
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