Pubdate: Tue, 19 Aug 2003
Source: Ft. Pierce Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2003 The E.W. Scripps Co.
Author: Dorran Russell, Fort Pierce


To those in authority over the case of Dr. Shah:

It has come as a shock to me that the allegations against the medical
staff of Advanced Care Emergi-Center has resulted in the arrests of
Dr. Shah and P.A. McSween.

My name is Dorran Russell and I have been a patient there for the past
three and a half years, following an auto accident.

In brief, immediately after the accident, I was X-rayed at Lawnwood's
emergency room and was assured of no broken bones and dismissed.

Within three or four days, neck and lower back pain made it difficult
to get out of bed and my duties at work were ended.

After a visit with Dr. Shah I was again X-rayed and given a very
thorough exam and it was decided that I be given hydrocodone for pain.

Not being one to take pills, I thought I could "tough it out," but my
work installing marble involves very heavy lifting. My income had
dropped to almost nothing.

With foreclosure looming I began to take the pills as prescribed. I
was able to work better but not as well as I used to. If I took an
"extra" pill a day, I found that I could work longer hours and try to
catch up on my now insurmountable bills, including my unpaid property

The first time I tried this "extra pill-extra work" theory, I came
into the clinic four days earlier than I should have, had I been
taking the pills as prescribed. I was seen by P.A. John Michael
McSween. This man went over my records, counted the days since my last
prescription given and absolutely refused to give me one single pill.
I suffered for the next four days and never, never have I over-taken
my prescription again.

Dr. Shah explained to me that these medication dosages were to be
followed exactly and any deviation on my part would result in his
alteration of my treatment.

Dr. Shah prescribed MRIs which revealed three herniated discs in my
neck and lower back.

Three and a half years ago someone made an illegal left hand turn into
my vehicle, slamming me into a tree at about 50 miles per hour. I
almost lost my home, my job and my quality of life. Today my mortgage
is paid ahead and all my property taxes are paid in full (over $8,000
worth). My bills are paid and I am very productive in the work force,
thanks in large to the treatment received at Advanced Care Emergi-
Center. I am a taxpaying voter who owes the quality of my life to Dr.
Shah and his staff.
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