Pubdate: Fri, 01 Aug 2003
Source: Portland Tribune (OR)
Copyright: 2003 Portland Tribune
Author: Floyd Ferris Landrath


In another era, Robert Eisinger probably would be lamenting those "criminals"
dumping tea into Boston Harbor as he does today those of us who do not respect
adult marijuana prohibition and adamantly reject this stupid war on (some)
drugs (Do it, but don't get caught?, Insight, July 15).

His argument, as I read it, suggests that if it's a "law," it must be moral;
therefore, it must be respected. Had the Founding Revolutionaries followed that
logic, we'd still be bowing to kings, and African-Americans still would be

Essentially, lawmakers have declared that all adults are incapable of their own
personal drug-use decisions. We disagree and find this arrogant mind-set
extremely insulting. We believe that most cannabis consumers are responsible
adults, certainly capable of making their own decisions.

We believe that a regulated marijuana market for adults could generate
significant state revenues for both the private and public sectors, while
denying the criminal element substantial profits. It also would separate this
relatively harmless substance from the much more dangerous illegal drugs now
sold on our streets. It might even help spur a long-overdue national debate
about the drug war itself.

Floyd Ferris Landrath

American Antiprohibition League

Southeast Portland
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