Pubdate: Thu, 28 Aug 2003
Source: Tomahawk, The (TN)
Copyright: 2003 The Tomahawk Online
Author: Chris Buors


Dear Editor:
If the harms to the people of Johnson County are as horrible as suggested 
by the And What About The Children piece, then I would strongly suggest the 
only viable solution to "the problem" of illicit Meth labs. Libertarian 
Milton Friedman has made the case to repeal all drug prohibition laws 
permitting all drugs to be available in the free-market.

The profit motive to produce Meth on the home stove top would be gone 
absent prohibition. Pharmaceutical companies could safely produce Meth for 
pennies apiece. The purity would be assured and a quality control system 
open to inspection similar to distilleries and other pharmaceutical 
manufacturing would be the result.

There is a lot of information on the internet. The Germans handed out Meth 
as a performance enhancers in battle and psychiatrists once handed Meth out 
like candies. No one suffered all the evils present in Johnson County when 
ever there was a legal source. In fact all the evils in Johnson County can 
be directly attributed to prohibition and not Meth. When unsafe liquor 
stills were blowing up all over the countryside and the Volstead Act was 
law, the American people were smart enough to understand those incidents 
happened because of prohibition. Why can't American understand the 
correlated evils of prohibition no matter what the substance?

Let me close by reminding Americans that the notion that government can 
some how protect children from substances would startle Thomas Jefferson 
not to mention Aristotle. Parents protect the children, they have since 
time began and they will until time ends.

Chris Buors
Winnipeg Manitoba
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