Pubdate: Tue, 12 Aug 2003
Source: Manawatu Evening Standard (New Zealand)
Copyright: 2003 Manawatu Evening Standard
Author: Duncan Eddy


I agree with Drug Arm coordinator Lew Findlay that parental education and 
support to combat the problems associated with drug abuse is critical ( 
1/8/03, Manawatu Standard Editorial: How best to combat drugs). Yet 
Government currently offers zero funds to adult drug education programmes.

Parents are childrens first role models. It makes sense that adults are 
educated, and thus empowered to set a responsible example for their 
children in regard to drug use.

It is also important to educate potential and current users. Young people 
need access to suitable, accurate and effective harm minimisation drug 
education provided from sources who have credibility in the eyes of youth.

Families and youth have gone without realistic harm reduction information 
for too long  And with community groups and health providers struggling to 
cope with the strain placed on them by technocratic government reforms, 
communities lack the resources to cope with the the problems that arise due 
to lack of adequate drug education.

It's time to face a fact: in this day and age drug education is important 
as sex education.

Duncan Eddy
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