Pubdate: Thu, 21 Aug 2003
Source: Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Copyright: 2003 Sun-Sentinel Company
Author: Rick Beam


As a lifelong resident of Dania Beach for 50-plus years, I feel I had
to write regarding the tactics used in the "raid" in serving a search
warrant in the Cooper City incident when SWAT team officers broke down
the door to a house, then shot a dog and nearly killed the couple
living there. I can't think of why these types of tactics are needed
for such minor incidents. This is overkill to the max. These officers
must have had bad information to come in like they were raiding a
terrorist organization.

Do you know that marijuana has no toxicity level? Do you know that
when law enforcement officers get off work, many of them get together
and have a "few" beers?

Do you know that if I drank a fifth of whiskey I would

That if I were to smoke the entire amount that was confiscated from
Mr. Otero I would just fall asleep?

Is is OK for the cops to be driving impaired?

Seems to me they are more of a danger than some poor guy with -- what
was it? 20 grams of marijuana?

I'm glad they got this major drug dealer and saved us from the "killer
drug," marijuana.

I don't expect an answer but instead some baloney about how Mr. Otero
was breaking the law.

If the sheriff's office wants any respect from the public, then the
officers who are supposed to protect us have to be held to higher
standards than the general public. If the police were given alcohol
Breathalyzer tests before each shift like others in sensitive
positions, then we would start to get somewhere.


Dania Beach
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