Pubdate: Wed, 03 Sep 2003
Source: National Post (Canada)
Copyright: 2003 Southam Inc.
Author: Kirk Tousaw
Note: Headline by newshawk.
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Re: Duped, letter to the editor, Aug. 29.

Dan McTeague's indignant letter criticizing the National Post's editorial
(Re: A Dopey Lobby, editorial, Aug. 27) chastising his attempt to persuade
the Americans to intervene in Canadian domestic drug policy, is simply

Yes, Mr. McTeague, it does make sense to believe that the Americans
(our biggest trading partner) can influence our domestic policy --
particularly if requested to do so by an elected MP such as yourself.
What does not make sense, though, is the Mr. McTeague's description of
Canada as a haven for international drug dealers -- the United States
has many, many more large scale drug dealers (and, for that matter,
consumers) than Canada. Amazingly, Mr. McTeague wants Canada to
emulate the failed drug policy in place in the United States. That is
a sure recipe for wasted resources, overflowing jails, intolerance and
a very healthy black market. Then we can really be the haven for drug
dealers that Mr. McTeague thinks we already are.

Kirk Tousaw, Vancouver.
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