Pubdate: Tue, 09 Sep 2003
Source: Stillwater News Press (OK)
Copyright: 2003 Stillwater News Press
Author: Tim Shelby
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Cited: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition ( )


I am writing in response to Darlyn Shenold's letter. Earlier this year, I was
very skeptical as well. Just the sound of "legalize marijuana" made my stomach
churn. How could any war that originated way back during the Vietnam War be
wrong? I felt that way all the way up until I listened to a speaker from Law
Enforcement Against Prohibition. This person, a law enforcement officer and
narcotics agent for years, delivered an excellently organized speech about how
the drug war is a failure in countless ways.

He spoke of how prohibition creates the enormously profitable drug black
market. He spoke of how, after half a trillion dollars in tax money has been
spent over 30 years, illegal narcotics are just as easy for children to get
today than they were when Richard Nixon began pushing the drug war.

The speaker finished by saying there is a better way. Like Shenold, I too was
mortified - mortified that we are still allowing our peace officers, military
members and even our children to be killed by this pointless war.

I believe people need to stop attacking drug reform advocates with ad homonyms
and actually listen to the facts they are stating.

Tim Shelby

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